Are you aware of who Nebula is?

Are you familiar with Nebula?

Nebula is an anti-hero of American Marvel Comics. Nebula is an interstellar pirate as well as a mercenary. Her previous and personal experience aren’t widely known. She fought alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy in the fight against Thanos Justice League Costume

Nebula is an interstellar pirate, once decimated the planet of Nova Corps – Sandal Star.

Nebula is able to lift 800 pounds and carry 25 tons of heavy objects. The muscle she uses is larger than that of humans, giving Nebula a huge advantage over ordinary humans. She is adept at the field of military strategy, space warfare in leadership, navigation, leadership, and astronomy. She is also an experienced fighter and has a wide range of fighting techniques. The legendary Nebula even though she is Thanos’ adopted daughter, was not just created to remove the infinite glove of Thanos but also to trap Thanos Batman Cosplay

In 2014’s film The Guardians of the Galaxy she is the principal fosterchild of Thanos and a Luphomoid. She was also the allegation of Ronan in the movie, when Ronan was able to acquire infinite gems to defeat Xandar. She was a fighter Gamora but was defeated. Gamora tried to save Nebula but Nebula refused and cut her hand.

The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a 2017 movie. The Guardians helped save Nebula, whose tribe was being detained by the Supreme because they tried to steal their batteries. Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and others were responsible for Nebula’s capture after the spacecraft collided with another planet.

She was released and helped Yondu, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot to their capture. Nebula persuaded the predators to release them because they offered a bounty and Nebula was looking for a 10 percent cut. She then took one of the predator’s ships to find Gamora due to the suffering and a part of her transformation into Thanos was due to Gamora’s incessant loss of battle against her. at the time, they were child.

She landed on Ego’s planet and tried to kill Gamora but was defeated by Gamora during battle.

Her desire to kill Gamora was diminished, and after that, they found a cave filled with the remains of skeletons of many children of Ego The two sides entered into an uneasy alliance.

To defend the universe against Ego’s plan to take over She joined the battle between Ego and the Guardians. She helped Gamora and they reunited following the event. However, despite the fact that Gamora suggested that she use this opportunity to remain with the Guardians, Nebula chose to go alone to assassinate Thanos.

In “The Avengers 3: Infinite Wars” Nebula’s assassination plan on Thanos ended in failure and she was then tortured aboard the spaceship. Gamora tells Thanos the location of the gems in order to save Nebula.

Later, Nebula managed escape and informed her fellow Guardians of the Galaxy about Titan. The Guardians of the Galaxy were defeated by the Titan. When Thanos slammed the finger, Nebula survived and attempted to comfort the sad Iron Man.

The film of 2019 “The Avengers 4 The Final Battle” is a story of Iron Man and her struggle to live on the road to Earth. They were rescued by Captain Marvel. The Captain Marvel saved them by capturing the girl and making her look like her in the 2014 timeline. She was on the journey to find the infinite gems and then committed suicide. After that, she joined Avengers to take on Thanos and also took part in the funeral of Iron Man.

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